Talk to me (I need to hear from you πŸ˜Š) Hello friends, Please click on the link to watch and give me an honest feed back by commenting below. I have started a vlog for those of you who prefer watching to reading. I must say I am very nervous about it because I am the shy type. So making videos will be out … Continue reading Talk to me (I need to hear from you πŸ˜Š)


Christmas gift ideas: Perfect gifts series

Everyone loves presents but not all presents suit everyone. We all want to give presents that will be remembered for all the good reasons.When buying presents for kids, anything goes but parents don’t feel this same way. As a parent, I will share with you the gifts that are affordable and last very long in … Continue reading Christmas gift ideas: Perfect gifts series

Introduction, a must read

Yes! I am finally doing it. I've always wanted to blog but have lacked the boldness. I love to express my thoughts and experiences but so often haven't got the crowd to do that with. So I tell a few, however this will be my medium of expression. I can tell you that it isn't … Continue reading Introduction, a must read