Talk to me (I need to hear from you 😊) Hello friends, Please click on the link to watch and give me an honest feed back by commenting below. I have started a vlog for those of you who prefer watching to reading. I must say I am very nervous about it because I am the shy type. So making videos will be out … Continue reading Talk to me (I need to hear from you 😊)

My postnatal story

Hello dear, I'm back again, and feeling good about telling you my story. Nobody is ever 100% prepared for life after giving birth. No matter how much you prepare yourself for it, there is usually something you don't remember including in your plans, I will name a few. For example, childcare cost was not in … Continue reading My postnatal story

Introduction, a must read

Yes! I am finally doing it. I've always wanted to blog but have lacked the boldness. I love to express my thoughts and experiences but so often haven't got the crowd to do that with. So I tell a few, however this will be my medium of expression. I can tell you that it isn't … Continue reading Introduction, a must read