Let’s cook together: Easiest way to make the best spaghetti.

Happy new month everyone!🎉🎉🎉

Who’s hungry because I am. Spaghetti or noodles is one of the meals my son would gladly eat especially when out and about.

He doesn’t really eat vegetables as I would like him to, however enjoys thai style noodles together with any vegetable it comes with and thats where I got the inspiration for this meal.

Ingredients used

Carrots (grated)

Cabbage (sliced)

Spring onions


Onion and garlic

Beans sprouts


Thai spice


Boil spaghetti in water, add salt to taste and seive when cooked.

(Wash and cut mushrooms, I usually cut into fours) Boil mushrooms, seive when cooked. I would spice my cooked mushrooms up and put in the oven to bake a little.

Grate carrots

Cut Cabbage, onion and Garlic

If you are a meat lover, you can cook your meat and cut them into little pieces to your liking (my son doesn’t normally eat chicken, this is the way I feed him chicken.

Once done with prepping, your meal is almost ready 😋😋🍴

Pour little olive oil into your pot,

Add onion and garlic allow to fry a bit and then,

(if using meat, stir fry your meat in the onion and garlic to your liking)

Add Cabbage

Add carrot

Add salt and Thai spice to taste

Stir fry for Cabbage to soften and then

Add bean sprouts and mushrooms

Spice to taste, I use Maggi at this stage to compliment salt and Thai spice already added.

Stir fry till any water drys up and then add boiled spaghetti. Stir fry for 5mins.

Meal is ready to be served.

Please tell me in your comments how much you enjoyed your meal. Looking forward to reading your comments 😊.

My little boss 😍.

How do you like your spaghetti? I would like to know 😁😁.

Thank you for visiting my blog and please follow the blog for more delicious recipes 💕💕.

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