Cradle cap: An easy solution

I’ve heard a few people talk about how specialised products for cradle cap ruined their little ones hair and in some of the cases, cradle cap didn’t exactly disappear. That makes me wonder why the manufacturers are still allowed to make these products.

This method that I’m about to share with you worked on my babies.

  1. Apply baby oil on hair, allow a few minutes to soften scalp.
  2. Brush out gently with a small sized comb or brush. (my babies had lots of hair so I used a small comb)
  3. Wash hair with baby head to toe body wash or shampoo.

Repeat process everyday until the patches fully disappear.

Remember your baby’s scalp is tender so you have to be very gentle and try little at a time until it completely disappears.

I hope you found this useful, if there are other natural remedies that worked for you, please share on the comments section below.

Please follow the blog for more useful tips, if you found this helpful.

Thank you for visiting my blog 😊.

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