Let’s cook together: Duck in red wine sauce.

Goodness duck never tasted this good. I am an old time/ big time lover of food. I don’t know if I’m satisfied with that description but I will take that. I love any healthy option as long as it taste so good 🥰🥰.

Last Christmas I made turkey and duck. Duck being my favourite and I still can’t get over the taste. It was so yummy. I am going to share the recipe with you so that you can be the judge 😁.

I hosted Christmas this year, so the family came to me for dinner which was so great. However, I was so busy that I didn’t take pictures. Can you believe that 😳? My apologies for that, that said, the pictures I have ain’t the best but I would manage that for your sake.

I made whole duck. Ingredients where

1 and a half cup of red wine.

2 Bay leaves

4 garlic cloves

Sliced carrots (I used a whole pack of 1kg)

Orange zest (I used 2 oranges)


Very little Salt

4 cubes of Maggi

Fresh parsley

Spring onions

I chopped the whole duck into little pieces (portions per serve)

Marinated it overnight in the refrigerator.

Put chopped duck in pan and add chopped garlic, spring onion, Thyme, orange zest, salt, Maggi, 1 and a half glass of red wine, 2 Bay leaves, Mix and cover with plastic wrap to marinate overnight.

Preheat oven to 160°C

Remove plastic wrap and cover with foil and cook in oven for 2hrs.

Then remove duck and carrot (I loved the taste of the carrot, it was so delicious), drain sauce into a bowl and discard the rest of the herbs.

Place duck and carrots back into pan, add sauce and sprinkle chopped parsley and Place in oven for 5mins.

You can serve on its own or with roast vegetables.

I served mine with roast vegetables and rice.

I hope you enjoy yours. I would like to hear what you think about this recipe.

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog, it’s always a pleasure to have you.

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Happy New year!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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