My 2018 achievement

Wow, 2018 has come and gone already. I was asked my greatest achievement for 2018 by #othermothers and that made me think so hard.

Goodness, I have been hard on myself thinking an achievement to be mainly related to how richer a person has become or a possession.

I entered 2018 as pregnant lady and my one focus was hoping and praying to meet my little girl. 2018 is the year my daughter made her entrance to our little family. She was born in May, however it was the most scariest part of my 2018. I am most grateful to God for saving me and keeping me alive to see the end of 2018. I wouldn’t bore you with the whole story but will give you an idea of it.

I had an emergency cesarean section which delivered my daughter safe and sound.

But sadly, I had an infection after the surgery. The infection was not identified till it almost got critical. I had swelling in my stomach which got so bad that I had to wear a catarter to avoid a burst bladder. I spent more than two weeks in hospital on antibiotics drip (my infection levels where so high) and went on to take antibiotics tablets for 28 days.

What is an achievement without life and living life?

My greatest achievement in 2018, is showing gratitude for all the little things and for life.

“while there is life, there is hope to achieve one’s dreams”.

If you didn’t achieve all your goals from 2018, don’t beat yourself so hard. There is life (a chance to give achieving that goal another chance).

I started this blog to keep me busy whilst on maternity. Goodness, I have written 20 posts already. I am grateful to you my readers for making it possible. I love to express myself and have been able to do so through this blog. I love sharing what works for me with the hope that it might help somebody else. So, this blog definitely isn’t stopping anytime soon. I will carry on writing even when I return to work.

I am looking forward to making this blog worth your while.

Happy New year to you all and thank you a million times for following this blog and interacting with me through your comments.

It is truly encouraging and I appreciate you all.

I am going into 2019, thankful that I am still alive to achieve my dreams and I am setting the goals already. I cannot wait to share them all with you one step at a time once each goal is achieved.

Follow the blog, if you haven’t already to stay updated.

Let’s start 2019 with gratitude 🎊🎊.

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