Natural ways to feed your baby: what I feed my baby matters (saying No! to processed food).

What we feed our kids matters. Now I’m sharing this post because I know it would have helped me when I became a mother for the first time. I remember thinking to myself, what can I feed my 6 months old baby without relying on processed food sold at the supermarket.

Luckily for me, he attended nursery and they gave me their food menu for babies. All yummy stuff I must say. I remember asking the staff, ‘so how would you feed it to him?’, the answer was, you cook it as you normally would and then blend it into a smoothie or puree to make it baby food. The nursery food was made from scratch and they were all healthy meal.

So this mama went home to try it out and it truly worked. So I stopped relying on processed meal at the supermarket (which my son never liked, they were all wasted) and started making his food from scratch.

Benefits of making my baby’s food.

  • He has learnt to eat what I eat and has almost the same taste bud as me, so feeding him has become easier.
  • There are lots more variety for me on what I can make for him.
  • I get to feed my child our traditional meal.
  • I feed him natural food.
  • I know exactly what my child is eating (no preservatives or unknown ingredients).
  • There is a continuity in feeding him, his favourite meals.

Now that I’ve shared my story and the benefits I gathered from my experience.

My youngest is currently 6 months old, so I am once again at weaning stage which is why I thought to share this post with you. I will share with you the easy foods that my 6 months old daughter has tried so far.


Boil and then blend, it’s that simple. (I didn’t add salt because carrot has its natural sweetness.

Rice and broccoli with tomato sauce

Blended below.

She loved itπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹.

You can feed your child anything you want with these simple steps provided there are no allergies. And remember to use little or no salt at all.

What you need.

The ultimate tool you need is a smoothie maker/blender.

Order here

My daughter will be able to eat Sunday roast and Christmas Dinner with us.

She joins in family meals, I would serve her portion to blend before spicing up the rest for the grown ups 😊.

I can store it in little pots to freeze for a second feed too.

Order here

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This is not a sponsored post, this is simply what works for me, hence I am sharing it for whoever it might help too.

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18 thoughts on “Natural ways to feed your baby: what I feed my baby matters (saying No! to processed food).

  1. Eating foods that are more natural is so much more healthier than eating processed foods. Your child will develop a taste for the natural foods and carry that with them as they age.

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  2. I love this post! I do not have children yet, but I am a big natural food lover. I’m a big believer in keeping yourself healthy by eating healthy foods. Good information that is defiantely looked over when it comes to feeding your family.

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  3. That’s wonderful that you’re starting the whole “no processed food” way of living already with your baby. The more we learn about how messed up food has become, the more we will realize how much healthier a person is that grew up without or at least with minimal amounts of processed food. Very inspiring!

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  4. Completely agree to no processed food, especially for a baby. I believe if we started eating healthy at a younger age we wouldn’t be having all these issues with our immunity.

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  5. I take it you’re African. I grew up eating traditional foods as a baby too. I was given soft eba and soup as a child with pepper introduced bit by bit lol. Kids eat what parents eat too, just a softer or pureed version. I’ll do same for my child as well. I also have a magic bullet too but for my smoothies.

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  6. I salute moms who are creative and diligent in providing healthy/ natural food for their kids. Given that’s it easier to just serve them processed food — the extra effort is surely appreciated. Thank you so much for sharing these meal ideas.

    Liked by 2 people

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