5 crucial steps to take when trying for a baby.

Trying for a baby is an exciting time for parties involved.

A few of my friends asked me what I did that helped me when I was trying for a baby, so I taught I would share this with you all. Not every one is the same when it comes to getting pregnant. I thought that it would be very difficult, if not impossible to get pregnant after being diagnosed of polycystic ovaries (ovarian-cyst). He was quite an older doctor and said to me ‘poor thing’ you are so tender. Do you have any children? He asked. I was 22 years old at the time, and far from settling down. Went for a scan which indicated I had far too many than the normal. I started feeling sorry for myself. I would want kids later in life, however convinced myself that I would adopt if having a biological child proved impossible. And also knowing that I always fall in the category of 1 in (any number). If you have read my previous post on pregnancy and me, my first child was a surprise to me.

My second child, however wasn’t. And here are but to mention a few things that helped when I was trying to get pregnant.

Get medical check up:

This is important for both parties involved. The reason being, It gives you the peace of mind that you are medically fit. This saves you from unnecessary worry.

If you are diagnosed otherwise, at least, you will have a solution and educated by the medical professionals on how to make it work.

Try not to feel desperate:

Desperation makes one anxious, because, you will be putting yourself under unnecessary pressure. Being anxious, affects a whole lot of things. E.g. Anxiousness even affects menstruation. When you are counting down so desperately wanting it to start, it’s as if it just decides not to. If you happen to have irregular cycle, it might just skip that month.

Take vitamins:

I’m a true believer of vitamins, if only we can eat it all in food but unfortunately not. So vitamins will help your body build up what it needs to get your body prepared.

“We all want a healthy baby, therefore should start off with healthy lifestyle and diet. Vitamins supplements will help boost our immune system and also certain nutrients can play an important role in helping to build nutritional stores ready for pregnancy and support good reproductive health”.

I used pregnacare conception for him (my partner) and for her (myself).

Always check with your doctor before taking any vitamin supplements if you have any medical condition.

Understand signs of ovulation:

Yeah, ovulation is something we all should learn to understand when it’s happening. Trying to calculate when I’m most likely to start ovulating is just so difficult with an irregular circle. The best way is to understand the signs of ovulation. That way, you don’t feel anxious or pressured by it all.

I aimed to have sex during the five days before ovulation to avoid missing it completely.

I looked out for when my cervical mucus was sticky or stretchy, white or cloudy. In the days leading up to ovulation it changes to being clear and stretchy (which is often compared to egg white).

There are ovulation test kits available in supermarket nowadays (I didn’t use any of those, I personally saw it as one more thing to stress about).

Have faith:

This might come as a surprise,

Here is the dictionary definition of the word faith. “complete trust or confidence in someone or something

Having faith crowns all your effort. It also helped me feel at ease, therefore didn’t have to worry if it took a little longer. You’ve got to believe or have complete trust that it will happen.

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47 thoughts on “5 crucial steps to take when trying for a baby.

  1. Going to the doctors and checking your both in good help is definitely a good one as then if there are any issues you can catch them and be aware of them early x

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  2. My baby was a surprise I got three months before my wedding, so I never sat down and thought about how blessed I am. Couples who struggle to get pregnant and try time and time again are so amazing.

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  3. For me, I feel as though stress and pressure to conceive played such a huge part in our success. Sometimes it’s good to relax a little and stop with the numbers.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. We hear are definitely great tips for mothers who are anxiously trying . It’s so hard to say relax when your anticipating such events.

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  5. I couldn’t agree more with trying not to stress over it all. The stress really does effect so much of your body, and can just delay things. Much better to sit back and enjoy trying…!

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  6. These are some really good tips. When I was trying to conceive I would track my ovulation cycle and watch my cervical mucus. Thank you for sharing these tips.!

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  7. I am in a position where I feel like I don’t even want to have one. I do not have a concrete reason why. personally I love love love love children. I hope I get to be stable someday, and conclude on if I should even try getting one, but for now the thought of it makes me Freak Out.


  8. This reminds me when we were trying…..after sex, i noticed my gf would always lie facing the wall and have her legs up against the wall….. I asked what for? She said so the sperm will reach down and higher chances of conception …. She’s funny doing many things……


  9. I just shared this article with my girlfriend. We are planning to have a baby and this is a must to read! Thank you for writing such a good article!

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  10. These are good tips. I am 29 who don’t want to have kids (I want to adopt more) but I have friends who are having kids or trying hard for them. I just tell them to be patient and there is always a plan B (adoption).

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