Somewhere you’ve never been before: A place you ought to be!

Hello again, I hope you all are doing great. On the series of ‘a place you ought to be. I am going to share with you an amazing place you are yet to visit. My son’s birthday is usually in November, not much you can really do at that time of the year because of the cold weather. Most places close in November or have Christmas theme. Goodness Christmas preparation starts early. However as a mother, I wasn’t having it. So, I had to find something for October to avoid the confusion of Christmas and birthday 😂.I wanted to treat birthday boy to a nice surprise and I also wanted it to be a family fun. I searched the internet as usual to find something but it seemed hard to find something to suit my birthday boy and the rest of the family. Birthday boy was a peppa pig fan, I mean you will have to bribe him to get control of the remote. And then ……. I stumbled on paultons park, located in Southampton, UK, which was a bit of a travel for us. However, just imagining the look on the face of my birthday boy when he finds himself in peppa pig land made it all worth it.

when I paid for our hotel and planned our journey I thought it was just peppy pig world.

To my surprise it had it all. It wasn’t just peppa pig world. This made me even more excited than the birthday boy.

It would have been much better in the summer, it had muddy puddles (muddy is quite a clear water here, so your kid won’t get dirty 😜) kids love jumping in water, just imagine that in summer….heavens 🤩.

It had every ride you can think of, sadly we couldn’t go on the ride as it was winter.


It had beautiful slides, and even water slide.

The smile on my birthday boy was priceless 😍😍.

It had dinosaur 🦖, they called it Lost kingdom. Kids love dinosaurs and you get to tour.



It has beautiful gardens


October being Halloween 🎃 season, it had it all.

It had lots of other themes and children’s favourites that we didn’t explore because we only spent 1 day. If I knew what experience it would be, I would have planned it to be more than a day.

I will just share photos and videos to explain our experience, I cannot express enough how magical it was even though it wasn’t summer. We got to ride farm machinery as well as daddy pig’s car. There is the balloon ride and boat ride and lots more.

It has indoor play area as well as a lot to do outside.

My next visit will definitely be in the summer. It’s an experience you ought to have.

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Paultons Park is also on Facebook and Instagram, so you can get updated on special offers and events.

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