Somewhere you’ve never been before: A place you ought to be!

Ever thought of having a day out with your family or friends, filled with fun activities.

A place you can make the most of your money as well as having everyone involved in every activity.

Ever thought of a personalised gift that you could make yourself or get help making.

Come along to Doodle pots, a place for everyone.

Bring out the creativity in you through painting.

We all love creativity, especially our little ones – they love to paint. So, why not make it a family date or a party 😃😃.

👉Selection of art you can paint are as follows, just to name a few.

From spooky lovers with halloween coming up.

Personalise your Christmas presents: fairy lovers

Party makers

Meet Claire, owner and founder of Doodle pots with Cinderella on opening day.

Garden lovers

Pet lovers

Personalised gifts

You can take your painting as it is or have it glazed for a perfect finish.

I attended Doodle pots’ opening day event which was magical, the smile on everyone’s face was priceless. I will be heading to Doodle pots again this Halloween, hope you are too.

Doodle pots is located in Mossley OL5 0PF, 30 minutes drive from Manchester and it is worth every minute of it. Opens Wednesday to Sunday; 10am to 5pm. Follow Doodle pots on Facebook for updates on upcoming events/specials.

Thank you for visiting my blog and don’t forget to spread the love by sharing this post for anyone looking for a perfect day of fun with loved ones.

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