The look book for your little one; making your everyday casual wear look unique.

I’m so excited about starting the look book. There are lots of things I have to share with you. It’s going be fun and trust me, your idea of dressing and shopping for your little one will improve.. (I’m not saying you are not doing a perfect job, this will help you get your monies worth on every outfit).

Who doesn’t like to be comfortable in their outfit. I think our little ones want that more than anything. I’m a lover of comfy clothes. I love to standout and most especially, I like to be unique (I don’t like twinning 😮 with anyone so easily when I step out in any outfit) and same goes to the way I style my little ones.

Today’s look is all about the everyday casual wear.

Body suit:

A very essential item in kids clothing, some come stylish and some come plain.

I’ve picked my most have that serves it all.

Some are sold in sets as seen in the last outfit above. which you can wear with a denim jacket to transform into a chic style, Or a sleeveless fur jacket below.

At home, they are comfy clothes that you would probably use as seen above.

From newborn a baby’s size changes every 3 months in clothing. So you don’t want to spend too much on many clothes that are eventually going to be given away in 3 months.

So I go for a Bodysuit which will serve its purpose in doors and outdoor.

Outdoors as a top wear;

For this chic look, I’ve gone for an oversized trouser to compliment the fitted body suit. Note, you would probably see a lot of that shoe in my pictures because I shopped for a shoe colour that compliments almost everything.

You can add a jacket depending on the weather, I’ve gone for denim because it compliments everything and because its a little expensive, I shopped for a bigger size for my baby to grow into. She has had this jacket from newborn because I bought size 3 to 6 months and now she is 3 months old, it still serves its purpose.

For the fur lovers, you can use a sleeveless fur jacket as seen above, because it goes with both short sleeve and long sleeve body suit. And, also less noticeable if you are shopping for a size bigger for your monies worth.

The are also easy to pack as spare clothes when out and about, for the uh uh messy hour. You cannot fault a baby for messing up their outfit (be it from being sick or poo) but you can be prepared with a presentable set of spare clothes.

Thank you for spending your precious time on my blog today, I hope you enjoyed the read.

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Stay tuned for the next look book style, it is going to be better 😉.

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