My postnatal story

Hello dear,

I’m back again, and feeling good about telling you my story. Nobody is ever 100% prepared for life after giving birth. No matter how much you prepare yourself for it, there is usually something you don’t remember including in your plans, I will name a few. For example, childcare cost was not in my list of things, the change it makes to one’s body wasn’t in my list and a lot more.

I love everybit of being a mum, however I got to get me back because I want to be called a ‘slay mama’ as the slang goes 😉. I want to be and look fit but I have very little time and childcare obstacles (did I mention, I work full time and rely solely on nursery for my childcare solutions for now, which is an absolute rip off). A story for another day 🙄.

So here’s my story, I found the exercise that has to date not let me down because I can do it on the go, with my kids around and most importantly at the comfort of my home, so going to the gym is ruled out and my childcare situation absolutely sorted. Now, that is what I am going to share with you. Beach body slim in 6

It works as the name goes, I love my food so following a food routine is not my forte. I just cut out junk, late night eating and eat anything healthy, and exercise as my strength will allow me at least once a day. The only thing I have to do, is be consistent with exercising.

However, if you are good at following an eating plan or already have one, then this will be a good combination. If you are struggling with finding time to go to the gym, this will also help.

It suits everyone, young and old. Men and women who want to Keep fit. You cannot go to the gym whilst your baby is sleeping, but, you can have an exercise section at the comfort of your home whilst your baby is sleeping. Which makes it a win win situation. It comes in 3 different CD’s.

Start it up is a 35mins exercise, Ramp it up which is 55mins long and burn it up which is more than an hour.

I start with start it up till I build my strength and endurance for at least two weeks before moving onto the next. I only have had to use start it up and ramp it up to get my results, if you want to get further with losing weight or have more than an hour, then burn it up does wonders.

I had a c-section with my last child who is 15weeks old today so I am only using start it up.

Here is my humble self at 11weeks postnatal and back to wearing my old clothes and same dress size prenatal.

Please don’t pay too much attention to the face 😂😂, picture was taken by a 10 year old, while I was busy giving instructions of how I wanted the picture to be taken. I’m still working on getting an absolute flat tommy and each CD has a bonus work out which focuses on the tommy.

It is currently on offer @ amazon which cost less than what I paid for mine. I got mine directly from team beachbody which came with a lifetime insurance. So I can get a CD replacement at no extra cost if my CD gets damaged. I’ve had my pack since 2013 and only used it doing summer 🙂🙂, a girl has to look good 😂😂.

Since having my kids, I have found it even more handy and useful and thats why I’m sharing it with you.

To be continued……. I will be sharing the results of my absolute flat tommy once I achieve my goal with you.

If you found this post helpful, why no follow the blog for more. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking your time to read.


This is not a sponsored post, this is simply what works for me, hence I am sharing it for whoever it might help too.

Site contains affiliate links, if you are interested in trying any of the products, please purchase it through the links provided here to help support this site. Your price would remain the same, however I will recieve a referral fee/commission from amazon if you make a purchase through my link. Thank you 😊.

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